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David Shephard(David Caruso)

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David Shepard is a fictitious FBI Agent who headed up a division based in Washington D.C. called Time Travel Division around the 2036-2045 time period. He was partnered with Agent Jennifer Ryan. He spearheaded a quest to infiltrate 1939 Nazi Germany and assainate Hitler in an attempt to alter history. A crucial mistake lead to the failure of the mission prompting him to realize that no matter what you try, the past cannot be changed. His new philosophy for Time Travel Division was to use it as a vehicle for travelling back in time to gather past evidence to prosecute current criminals. When Agent's Tim McDonough and Jillian Morrison arrived in 2045 via time travel, he learned from them that at some point he travelled back in time to the 1920s and was killed by the Black Robed Strangers. Embracing his fate, he decided to travel back to the 1920s to face his death. Before he was shot and thrown into a hole, he met a time travelling Ned Vance and told him to dig up the ground where he stood in order to find his body.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • What happened in the 1920s before David was captured by the strangers and killed?