Ethel Myers
Ethel Myers(Phyllis Diller)

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The Necklace

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The Necklace



Ethel Myers was a longtime resident of Coldbrook. She was never married and had no children. She owned a quaint antique shop. As a child in the 1920s she was approached by one of the Black Robed Strangers who tried to give her the necklace. She took it and kept it under lock and key until 2009 when the strangers started making appearances in Coldbrook again. Frightened that the strangers would know she possessed the necklace, she sold it to a customer named Michelle Miley hoping to get it as far away as possible from Coldbrook.

The Coldbrook police records reveal that Ethel was reported missing in 1933 and resurfaced again in 1944. However, upon inspection by Tim McDonough and Jillian Morrison part of the report were redacted and what happened to her in this time frame is still a mystery. Ethel seemed to have first hand knowledge about the necklace's power and was about to come clean with Tim, but was shot and killed by one of the strangers.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Why was she given the necklace to begin with?
  • How does she know about the necklace's power?
  • What was her connection to the strangers if any?
  • What happened to her between 1933 and 1944?