Gene Fisher
Gene Fisher(Miguel Ferrer)

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The Secrets We Keep



Location 2009

At a Motel

Gene Fisher is a fictitious FBI Director working for a division based in New Haven, Connecticut. He supervises Agents Tim McDonough and Jillian Morrison in an ongoing investigation surrounding the mysterious appearances of the black robed strangers in and near the New England town of Coldbrook. He is married to Grace Fisher, although he has recently asked her for a divorce. He once had an affair with Amanda Billings but doesn't seem interested in pursuing that relationship. Gene seems lost, not really knowing what he wants to do with his life. Although he is getting pressure from his boss Agent Robert Obrinivich to drop the investigation, he hopes solving the Firefly Case will somehow bring him fulfillment and self worth. He is currently struggling to keep the secret that Tim's daughter Sarah is alive.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • What is Gene's backstory?
  • Will he tell Tim that Sarah is alive?