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The necklace seems to have the power to transport the wearer through time although there is evidence that the wearer’s physical body remains in the present time in a catatonic state. However the person is able to interact with people in all capacities, It is suggested that the necklace has powers beyond the scope of time travel. There seems to be an indication that more than one necklace exists, since one was seen around the neck of Priscilla Wolcott. The Black Robed Strangers had one in their possesson at one point and have a interest in recovering it.


The necklace’s first appearance was in 1927 when a black robed stranger offered it to Ethel Myers who was just a little girl at the time. Ethel took the necklace from the stranger, although she lied to Tim McDonough and said she didn’t. Although Ethel was reported missing between the years 1933 and 1944 there is no evidence yet that the necklace played a role in her disappearance.  For 82 years, the necklace supposedly remained in Ethel’s possession and for a portion of those years she kept it locked up in a box at her antique shop. In 2009, Ethel sold the necklace to Michelle Miley. While wearing the necklace, Michelle was transported back in time to 1927 where she was kidnapped and held hostage by the black robed strangers inside the Silas Wolcott farmhouse. Upon rescue by Ned, Michelle agreed to give Ned the necklace in appreciation for saving her life. The necklace is currently sealed inside a safety box at the FBI Field Office.