Agent Jillian Morrison
Agent Jillian Morrison (Annabeth Gish)

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The Secrets We Keep



Location 2009

Sitting at a bench in Coldbrook talking with Tim

Jillian Morrison is a fictitious FBI Agent working for a division based in New Haven, Connecticut and is the series female lead character. She works under Agent Gene Fisher  and is partnered with Agent Tim McDonough in an ongoing investigation surrounding the mysterious appearances of the black robed strangers in and near the New England town of Coldbrook. She is single, never been married and has no children. She suffers from depression, but her motivation to solve the cases assigned to her keeps her from falling over the edge. Her unyielding entertainment to the paranormal caused a rift in her relationship with her father and she never made amends with him before he passed away. She has emotional feelings for her partner, Tim, and constantly struggles to maintain a professional relationship with him.

Unanswered Questions Edit

  • What circumstances brought her to Connecticut from Wisconsin?
  • When she travelled to 2045, was she affected by the symbol's appearance on the television screen?
  • Will her relationship with Tim blossom beyond that of FBI partners?