John McIntyre
John McIntyre(Charlie McDermott)

First Appeared

The Necklace

Last Appeared

God's Playground



John McIntyre is one of the Black Robed Strangers whose mission was to get close to Eva McDonough and kidnap her. His father Mark and mother (unnamed) were also involved with the strangers. John has made an appearance in several timelines.


His dead body was discovered by Coldbrook founders Silas Wolcott and Ebenezer Zane.


He helped the strangers kidnap Michelle Miley in order to help locate the necklace. He fought a time travelling Ned Vance at the Silas Wolcott farmhouse where he was stabbed in the hand by an iron poker.


He successfully kidnapped Sarah McDonough while she was attending college in Boston.


When Owen McDonough became suspicious of his intentions towards Eva, John became paranoid, impatience and reckless. His behavior and refusal to step aside prompted Peter Zane to confront him.

Unknown TimeEdit

John was killed during a sword fight with Peter at the stone bridge in Mystic Hollow when Peter activated a time travel device and tossed it to him. The force of the activation sent John tumbling over the bridge and travelling to the 1600s ultimately to his death. Ned found John's rusty sword burried in the dirt suggesting the fight took place many years prior to 2009.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • How did he get involved with the strangers in the first place?
  • Where did he take Sarah?
  • When was the Unknown Time and does it have significance?
  • Will the death of John have an impact in the 1600s?