John Mullaney
John Mullaney(Paul Gross)

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Who is David Shephard

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The Secrets We Keep



Doctor John Mullaney was associated with the Black Robed Strangers. He was the attending at the emergency room the night Owen McDonough was struck by a car. After saving Owen's life, he discovered Owen was experiencing unusual brain activity and wanted to perform more tests. However, he was refused permission by Stacey McDonough. Later he was called upon by Peter Zane to retrieve Tricia Sypolt, a victim in a botched kidnapping, from the hospital. Eventually he was asked by Peter to convince Stacey to perform these additional tests on Owen's brain claiming the Elders had an interest in Owen. In the end however, John was unable to get to Owen and when he was leaving his office for the evening, he was shot and killed by Sarah McDonough.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • How/why did he get involved with the strangers?
  • Where did he take Tricia?