Ned Vance
Ned Vance (Chris Cooper)

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The Secrets We Keep



Location 2009

His house in Coldbrook

Ned Vance is a high school football coach for Coldbrook High School. After experiencing time travel and uncovering the remains of Agent David Shephard on the high school football field during a game, he decided to step down, not wanting all the media attention. He is a widower and has a daughter, Cynthia Waterman. For years Ned has struggled to come to terms with his ability to subconsciously travel through time. He blames himself for his wife's death and is convinced that if he had just  understood his abilities earlier on, he could've saved her. He's a man of good moral values, but finds himself torn between trying to help Agents Tim McDonough and Jillian Morrison on their terms concerning the mysterious black robed strangers and finding the answers out for himself.

Unanswered Questions Edit

  • When, how and why did he start experiencing lucid dreams and time travel?
  • Why is he having visions of Priscilla Wolcott and her children?