Owen McDonough
Owen McDonough(Chandler Canterbury)

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The Secrets We Keep



Location 2009

On a train to New York City

Owen McDonough is the youngest child of three. His parents are Tim McDonough and Stacey McDonough . He has two older sisters, Sarah and Eva. He is an introvert and often enjoys playing video games. Recently he has experienced lucid dreams which are similar to Ned Vance's  time travel episodes and desires to understand them more but on his own terms. He was suspicious of Eva's boyfriend, John McIntyre and these were confirmed once John was discovered to have been killed. He bickers with Eva frequently, but after his accident his relationship with Eva has grown for the better. Recently he has been experiencing headaches and has served as a channel for the mysterious woman in white, Priscilla Wolcott

Unanswered Questions Edit

  • Owen's time travel experiences and lucid visions started the same day Ned discovered the body of David Shephard. Why and how?
  • What is the source of his headaches?
  • Why is Priscilla Wolcott channelling through Owen?