Priscilla Wolcott
Priscilla Wolcott(Julianna Margulies)

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The farmhouse

Priscilla Wolcott is the wife of Coldbrook founder Silas Wolcott. She has two children, a son and a daughter which is suggested she has given up to protect them from the Black Robed Strangers. She is shrouded in mystery, but according to a history lecture by Cynthia Waterman she states that "In 1630 Silas Wolcott of the Plymouth Colony acquired lucrative farmland from the reluctant Pequot Indians in exchange for grain and fur. After returning the following spring with his family to build his farmhouse he was met with much resistance with other colonists who had settled in neighboring lands over the winter."

She mysteriously appeared in the farmhouse wearing white clothing and donning a Necklace in order to rescue Ned Vance and Amanda Billings from the pursuit of the strangers. She seems to be able to harness the power of the necklace. Days later, she appeared in the back of the Coldbrook church and observed Ned from afar as he prayed. Then she watched Ned from the farmhouse as he passed by one evening.

She also has the ability to channel herself through Owen McDonough's thoughts and was able to confront Peter Zane when he tried to harm Owen and Eva. Priscilla seems to be the target of Peter's revenge which centers around the death of Ebenezer and Martha Zane in 1635.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Is she a time traveller?
  • Why is she interested in Ned?
  • Why and how is she channeling through Owen? What is her connection to him?
  • What is her connection with the Necklace?
  • Why is she the target of Peter Zane?
  • Who were her children and what happened to them?
  • What happened between her and the Zane family?