Sarah McDonough
Sarah McDonough (Emily VanCamp)

First Appeared

Who is David Shephard

Last Appeared

the Secrets We Keep



Location 2009

Motel parking lot

Location 2045

Forbidden Zone

Sarah McDonough is the oldest child of three. Her parents are Tim McDonough and Stacey McDonough. She has two siblings, Eva and Owen. In 2003 while attending college she was kidnapped by John McIntyre and disappeared for six years. In 2009 she reappeared. First she shot and killed John Mullaney. Then she encountered Agent Gene Fisher and made a deal with him. In exchange for a list of the Black Robed Strangers kidnapped women and their locations, Gene is to deter Tim from time travelling. She suggested that something bad will happen to her father if he does.

Sarah appears again in 2045 in the Forbidden Zone with Eva and encounters Agent Jennifer Ryan and Cornell Hatcher. She demands at gunpoint that they take her to Coldbrook.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Where and when was she held captive for six years?
  • How did she escape?
  • How did she know about all the other kidnap victims, thus the list?
  • How did she get to 2045 with her sister Eva?
  • In 2045, why does she want Jennifer Ryan to take her to Coldbrook?