Silas Wolcott
Silas Wolcott(David Morse)

First Appeared

I Do Believe in Spooks

Last Appeared

The Secrets We Keep


Presumably Alive

Location 2009


Silas Wolcott is the founder of Coldbrook. He is the husband of Priscilla Wolcott and it it suggested he is the father of two children, a boy and a girl. He is shrouded in mystery, but according to a history lecture by Cynthia Waterman she states that "In 1630 Silas Wolcott of the Plymouth Colony acquired lucrative farmland from the reluctant Pequot Indians in exchange for grain and fur. After returning the following spring with his family to build his farmhouse he was met with much resistance with other colonists who had settled in neighboring lands over the winter."

Silas was first seen in the 1600s accompanied by Ebenezer Zane near the stone bridge at Mystic Hollow. He discovered John McIntyre's body and mentioned that the "specters" have returned thus suggesting he is familiar with the Black Robed Strangers. Later he was seen in the farmhouse in 2009 trying to convince Priscilla that she "can't protect them all."

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Is he a time traveller?
  • Why does he tell Priscilla "she can't protect them all"
  • Where and who are his children?
  • What's his connection to Ebenezer Zane?
  • Are he and Priscilla responsible for the Zane's death?
  • What is his connection to the black robed strangers if any?