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The Firefly Chasers Wiki is an encyclopedia about everything related to the original scripted drama/scifi series of the same name.

Series SynopsisEdit

The Firefly Chasers is an original scripted drama/scifi series created by NickN67.The first season debuted on the Righters Untie Network in July, 2009. The series follows an FBI Investigation team as they research strange happenings in a small town in New England.

Season One (2009) Edit

Season One will contain 10 episodes. The primary plot follows the investigations of FBI Agents Tim McDonough and Jillian Morrison as they try to solve the mysteries surrounding the arrival of several strange time travelers in the small New England town of Coldbrook. Season One also explores the relationships and back stories among the characters as their lives become intertwined.

Episodes (Season One)Edit

Hypothetical Casting

Fictional characters in the scripts are hypothetically casted with real-life actors. This is only meant for entertainment purposes and visualization for the reader. The actors chosen for these roles are in no way associated with the series or the Righters Untie Network.

Main Cast (Season One)

Recurring Cast (Season One)