Agent Tim McDonough
Agent Tim McDonough (Jason O Mara)

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The Secrets We Keep



Location 2009

Sitting on a bench in Coldbrook talking with Jillian

Tim McDonough is a fictitious FBI Agent working for a division based in New Haven, Connecticut and is the series male lead character. He works under Agent Gene Fisher and is partnered with Agent Jillian Morrison in an ongoing investigation surrounding the mysterious appearances of the black robed strangers in and near the New England town of Coldbrook. He is married to Stacey McDonough and has three children: Sarah, Eva and Owen. For the past six years, Tim has been distraught over the disappearance of his eldest daughter, Sarah McDonough. He often buries himself in work which is an outlet for his pain, much to his wife's dismay. Tim tends to be skeptical when it comes to strange cases and tries to find logical explanations, but he is usually convinced by Jillian to be more accepting of the unexplained.

Unanswered Questions Edit

  • Does Tim have siblings? He mentions he has family living in Dublin. Who are they?
  • What happened between Tim and Amanda to cause them to feel animosity towards each other?
  • Will his relationship with Jillian blossom beyond that of FBI partners?