Tricia Sypolt
Tricia Sypolt(Erin Chambers)

First Appeared

I Do Believe in Spooks

Last Appeared

I Do Believe in Spooks



Tricia Sypolt is one of the kidnap victims of the Black Robed Strangers. In 1981 after leaving a night club with a friend, she was abducted by one of the strangers. During a struggle she knocked his time travel device from his hand causing it to activate and transport her and her abductor to 2009. She was rescued by Agent Tim McDonough and admitted to the hospital. She lost her memory and couldn't recall the circumstances that brought her there. However, just as she was about to remember everything, Doctor John Mullaney came to her hospital room and whisked her away.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Why were the strangers after her?
  • Where did John Mullaney take her?
  • Is she alive? Is she on Sarah McDonough's list of kidnap victims?