Uncle Liam
Uncle Liam (Bjorn Johnson)

First Appeared

I Do Believe in Spooks

Last Appeared

I Do Believe in Spooks



Uncle Liam is Tim McDonough's strange desceased uncle whose ghost visits him on Halloween. Liam tries to convice Tim to tell Stacey McDonough the truth about his time travel experience to 2045 and to stop arguing with her over Owen McDonough's condition. His ghost was responsible for prompting Tim to ask Stacey out on a date when Tim was sixteen thus starting their relationship. His ghost was also present in the delivery room giving Tim advice when Stacey was giving birth to Owen.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • How did Uncle Liam die?
  • Will Liam's ghost return to help Tim?
  • Will we learn more about Liam and Tim's family?