Zachariah Williams
Zachariah Williams(Chad Michael Murray)

First Appeared

God's Playground

Last Appeared

God's Playground



Location 2009

FBI custody

Zachariah Williams is one of the Black Robed Strangers. He is married to a woman named Elizabeth. He was discovered in the back of a van that Tim McDonough and Jillian Morrison were pursuing. While being questioned by Jillian, he revealed that the strangers kidnapped Elizabeth and coerced him to join the stranger's efforts in exchange for her freedom. He also seems to have intimate knowledge concerning the Necklace. He has agreed to assist the FBI in capturing the strangers in exchange for them helping him free Elizabeth.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Where and when did Zachariah come from?
  • Who is Elizabeth and where/when is she being held captive?
  • How does he know so much about the necklace?